Silver Rainbows interview


Silver Rainbows interview

Silver Rainbows a social network for older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Cheshire. Members shared personal stories about how the cultural and legislative norms affected them from the 1950's till today during the Q&A session after each play.

Listen to the interviews with Colin Avery, Michael and Peter Eustance.

Silver Rainbows is supported by Body Positive, a local charity working for and with people who have issues with or want to improve their sexual health, sexuality or living with HIV.

Interviews conducted by Alex Hewitt.

  • Peter Eustance

    Hi, Do you have any filmography of any of my speeches, would be interested if you do, Many Thanks for the continuing updates Peter Eustance

    1. Hwa Jung

      Hi Peter,
      We’re processing the audio, it was a bit quite but we’ll see what we can sort out! Thank you again for taking the stage and sharing your story.

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