Turing on Tour

New Year, New audience for Regina v Turing and Murray. We’re happy to see more people will be able to experience the play and VR this month – appropriate for LGBT History month.First off is CONVERGENCE : SHIFT and WEAVE Symposium on the 13th of Feb at Macclesfield Town Hall. The symposium explores the convergence between the


Knitting machine workshop

Sam Meech ran a knitting machine workshop on the last day of the festival. He talks about how it went.My involvement with the project first came about through a series of scarves I’d designed inspired by Alan Turing. At first the connection between Turing and knitting might not be apparent, but the development of textiles


Drawing The Turing Trial

Robin Sukatorn is an artist and illustrator based in Manchester, who specialises in live drawing scenes from the political, civic and cultural world around him. He write about his experience as the courtroom sketch artist during Regina v Turing and Murray As I sat ready to draw the opening performance of Regina v Turing and


Silver Rainbows interview

Silver Rainbows a social network for older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Cheshire. Members shared personal stories about how the cultural and legislative norms affected them from the 1950’s till today during the Q&A session after each play.Listen to the interviews with Colin Avery, Michael and Peter Eustance.Silver Rainbows is supported by Body Positive,


VR Audience feedback

Feedback from the audience of Regina v Turing and Murray VR experience. Interviews conducted by Alex Hewitt. Ted “I didn’t know much about it until I saw the film on TV. It made me wonder about what the hell went on in the 1950s to be absolutely honest, the way people thought about homosexuality and how


Cast interviews

Hear what the cast of Regina v Turing and Murray think about being a part of this production. Interviews conducted by Alex Hewitt. Robert Burton – Alan TuringRobert found out about the open call through a friend who knew about his fascination with Alan Turing. His interest started with Bletchley Park. “I saw a documentary on


Regina v Turing and Murray – VR Experience

Filmmaker Tim Brunsden explains his approach to the VR filming. Initial IdeaWe’d decided early on in the project to have a virtual reality element to the project. Personally, I have a love, hate relationship with VR. The visual experience has the potential to be very interesting versus the wearing the headset can feel isolating and ridiculous.


Court side report for the Knutsford Courier

For the Knutsford Courier Reporter Sylvia Seddon Courtroom Illustrator Robin Sukatorn Regina vs Turing and Murray 31st March 1952Today in Knutsford’s elegant, classical Courthouse, there took place, before his honour Judge J Frazer Harrison, the hearing of the case of Regina v. Turing and Murray. Both men, Alan Matheson Turing and Arnold Murray, were accused


Writing Regina v Turing and Murray

Steven Downs wrote and directed the play. He explains his thought process and music choices. The music was arranged by Margaret Corlett, sung by the Vale Royal Singers with musical direction by Margaret Corlett.  When I was first approached to write and direct Regina v Turing and Murray in June, I was delighted but apprehensive. I


Dress rehearsal

Regina v Turing and Murray had a successful dress rehearsal, with members of the public invited to give the team feedback. Special thanks to Colin, Peter, Michael and Mike from Silver Rainbows who shared their thoughts and personal stories during the discussion and Q&A after the play.Take a look behind the curtains and see you